SB2814, Amendment 5: A Win for Illinois

The Future Energy Jobs Bill (FEJB) is a comprehensive bill that achieves a solution to present and future energy challenges, by:

Important energy and economic policy for the state of Illinois’ that delivers substantial consumer benefits

Nearly a two-year collaboration between key Illinois stakeholders, many with divergent interests

Intensive and challenging process resulting in substantial restructuring and streamlining of original elements, at a cost substantially less than 25 cents per month to ComEd residential customers and adding important consumer protection

The Future Energy Jobs Bill will:


Substantially expand energy efficiency programs to drive customer savings and also expand options for commercial, indiustrial and low-income customers.

Commit $750 million of funding for low-income programs.

Protect 4,200 jobs and preserve $1.2 billion in economic activity annually.

Strengthen and expand the Renewable Portfolio Standard to ensure stable, predictable funding for renewable development, providing $180M per year – growing to $220M per year- in funding for renewable resources, including new wind power, large-scale solar power, and rooftop and community solar.

Position Illinois as a leader in zero-carbon electricity.

Provide job training and create thousands of clean energy jobs in energy efficiency, energy innovation and renewable power industries.

Preserve competitive rates, given nuclear plant closures would add up to $1.85 each month to the average ComEd residential bill.